• Gardening

    In Sustainably Yours Magazine explore sustainable solutions for gardening, as well as helpful green gardening tips.

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  • Sustainable Fashion

    Who said sustainable clothing, foot ware, and jewelry has to be unfashionable!  Explore fashion forward alternatives in Sustainably Yours Magazine.

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  • From Farm To Table

    Sustainably Yours Magazine boast recipes that have farm fresh, organic and gluten free alternatives in mind, as well as green gadgets to prepare meals with. 

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  • DIY

    Eco friendly crafting and decorating ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer in Sustainably Yours Magazine.

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  • Travel Sustainably

    Find out about traveling far and wide while staying true to the Earth in Nothstate Weddings Magazine.

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  • True Life

    In Sustainably Yours Magazine read touching stories about Inspiring people.

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  • Natural Beauty

    Find natural beauty options in Eco Beauty Magazine that are simply luxurious!

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  • Healthy Living

    In Sustainably Yours Magazine find ways and read about people that have contributed to healthier lifestyle practices for the greater good.

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  • Beauty Trends

    Find out all the latest trends for nails, hair, makeup skin and more in Eco Beauty Magazine.

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Community Seeds Magazines


Eco Community Seeds Magazine

Community Seeds Eco Magazine encourages people to make small changes that they are able to make; changes that would not have been made without a little information and encouragement. We want people to become more socially, environmentally and community conscious. We also want to provide people a way to collaborate with others for a common cause.

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Eco Beauty Magazine

Eco Beauty is a magazine that encourages people to achieve natural beauty inside and out. Eco Beauty pages are filled with organic and natural beauty tips regarding makeup, haircare, clothing, food and so much more.


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Products Gallery

  • Back Button Sweater

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  • High Rise Skinny Jeans

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  • Jersey Zip Hoodie

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  • test

    Sustainably Yours Magazine Feb 8, 2016 | 18:05 pm

    The post test appeared first on Sustainably Yours Magazine.

  • Blog

    Sustainably Yours Magazine Sep 13, 2015 | 17:40 pm

    The post Blog appeared first on Sustainably Yours Magazine.

  • Chico, CA FFA Henshaw Farm Grows Pumpkins!

    Eco Jul 28, 2014 | 10:35 am

    EcoChico, California, Henshaw FFA Farm is growing pumpkins! Stay tune for when their pumpkin patch opens!The post Chico, CA FFA Henshaw Farm Grows Pumpkins! appeared first on Eco.

  • Publisher Of Eco Community Seeds Magazine Giving Back

    Eco Jun 19, 2014 | 08:08 am

    EcoLorianne Silveira Riley was on KZFR radio as well as in the Chico Enterprise Record talking about the Frugal House! Lori , the Publisher of Eco Community Seeds Magazine decorated the dinning room. The Frugal House is a great event[…]

  • Yoga Curbs Appetite!

    Eco May 27, 2014 | 07:27 am

    EcoShorter, colder days can lead to more food cravings. Hitting the mat can help beat them back. Sad but not surprising: People eat an average of 86 more calories a day in the fall than they do in the spring.[…]

  • Great Natural And Safe Cleaning Solution Recipe For The Kitchen And Produce!

    Eco May 25, 2014 | 09:56 am

    EcoIt turns out that a combination of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar is almost as effective as stronger cleansers like bleach when used in combination. It gets better: When exposed to light or heat, hydrogen peroxide undergoes a chemical change and[…]

  • Dr Earth Nitro Big Is An Amazing Organic Fertilizer!

    Eco May 24, 2014 | 13:38 pm

    EcoPicture the ultimate in plant health—lush, green growth with thick plant cell walls. Dr. Earth® Nitro Big® with PreBiotic® and ProMoisture Hydrate® reaches that objective by feeding plants the perfect diet, a formula that accelerates robust and vigorous vegetative growth.[…]

  • Riley Farm Garden Is Producing!

    Eco May 23, 2014 | 08:19 am

    EcoThe garden is growing beautifully! Squash, tomatoes and beans are going to be plentiful, thanks to the organic, bio dynamic fertilizer I purchased from Ag Mart, an amazing fertilizer company here in Chico California. Now I just need to build[…]

  • Check Out The Chico Grange

    Eco May 16, 2014 | 08:23 am

    EcoThe Chico Grange, a subordinate of the National Grange, is known as a community service organization, with a mission to promote healthy local agriculture, environmental stewardship, and a vibrant community. Check out their website and Calendar to find out more[…]

  • Future Home of Henshaw Park

    Eco May 16, 2014 | 08:13 am

    EcoI found this article that was posted 04/17/2014 in the Chico ER and thought it was interesting enough to share: The idea of a new dog park at the site of the undeveloped Henshaw Avenue park got mixed reactions from[…]

  • Local Chico, CA Flower Farm

    Eco May 16, 2014 | 07:54 am

    EcoThis Chico farm north of town consist of at least 2 acres of beautiful flowers. I am sure you can buy these beautiful fragrant flowers as hand cut bouquets at any of the local Chico farmers market!The post Local Chico,[…]

  • Chico, CA FFA Henshaw Farm Grows Straw!

    Eco May 15, 2014 | 14:17 pm

    EcoI passed by the FFA farm today to see them bailing up hay to sell. All this time I thought the field was over grown with weeds. Silly me…I wonder what they will be planting next!The post Chico, CA FFA[…]


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Eco Community Seeds is Greater Chico, Durham, Oroville and Paradise Areas Premeier Magazine Publisher

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<iframe src="http://chicoconnection.com/" style="border:0px #FFFFFF none;" name="myiFrame" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" height="300px" width="630px"></iframe>

New Publication Northstate Wedding Magazine added to the Community Seeds Family

Northstate Weddings is Chico California's wedding magazine.  Get idea's on fashion, venues, flowers, gifts and much.  Check our directory and solutions to make your wedding planning easier.

Eco Comunity Seeds is now Sustainably Yours Magazine!


Chico California and Butte Counties premier magazine "Sustainably Yours" recognizes that most people agree that we should not use all of our resources faster than they can be replenished. Any small change made will contribute to this lifestyle goal. "Sustainably Yours" offers direction and tips on small changes that can be made. After all, small changes can make a world of difference

coming soon!

What Community Seeds Contributes To The Greater Chico California Community

Community Seeds Publications is a green company that has solutions to celebrate living a more healthy and bountiful life. Established in 2008 Community Seeds was first a virtual magazine about living a green lifestyle.  Now Community Seeds stands for so much more! Today we have free to the public hard copies of our magazines; Sustainably Yours, Northstate Weddings and Eco Beauty, distributed in local newsstands and businesses, spreading the word about easy sustainable living. Community Seeds also boast a foundation that distributes funds through a third party to help raise the quality of life for less fortunate people and creatures in the Greater Chico Area, as well as a radio station to keep our followers in touch with the community grass roots and a virtual bulletin board called The Chico Connection, packed full of local events. Community Seeds Headquarters is set on a working farm with a destination spa called eleMENts by Beaute and lavender apothecary called Lavenderology where we can test many of the products, recipes and gardening practices that we write about.  The products that are offered in our store on the Eco Boutique section of our site are all products that we endorse.



Community Seeds Radio



Listen to internet radio with Live With Eco Community Seeds on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to Live With Eco Community Seeds Magazine Radio!

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